I’m getting up.

Ring the bell. Circle around. I’m announcing a milestone in my life. My bullshit barometer has broken and is stuck at zero. I have reached a point in my life where I literally have zero tolerance for BS.

**she cheers**

** the crowd goes wild**

All of life is a class. Today’s lesson is: my tolerance of inconsiderate people enables them to continue to disrespect me. I’m really tired of putting up with disrespectful folks. Especially the sneaky, double-talking ones. Rather than harboring any irritation towards them, I’m calling them out for their mess. Talk straight to me or keep on walking. If you insist on speaking in riddles, I’ll return your riddle back to you. I’m not interested in the BS. I’m not interested in entertaining any more false friends. I am not giving any more of my time to energy vampires. When you have some light and joy to share, by all means you’re welcome to do so. Until then, keep your anti-loving ways away from me.

This is your welcome mat speaking and I’m getting up off the floor.


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