Waiting Area = Space of Hope

I walk past this sign almost every day of my life in New York City. However, I’ve only truly paid attention to it a handful of times. Each time it captures my full attention, I slow my pace and marvel at the way the words play in my mind.

In English, “waiting area” is nothing special. In French, “esperer” means “to hope”. Though this is a Spanish translation, I see “espera” as a conjugate of “esperer” and “area” as a “place, space or location”. So what is mundane in English, becomes divine in my mind. New York City has certainly become a place where I have been trained in hope and learned to hope well.

Hope takes you beyond were you are at lightening speed.

Today’s lesson: Waiting is hoping. If hope is good, then so must be the wait.  


2 thoughts on “Waiting Area = Space of Hope


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