Final Salute: Housing for Homeless Female Vets

This report is eye-opening and shocking. It’s beyond my understanding how the American government could allow any veteran to return from battle with no means of providing for themselves or their families, but this report highlights the loophole in the governmental care that is available: some veteran benefits are available for men only and where women do qualify for shelter, their children may not allowed. Please watch the video below. This report is very well presented.

Homeless Female Veterans: A former Army captain opened a house for homeless women veterans. (07:31)

“We are still not getting it as a country, and we’re making a poor effort as a society to take care of all our veterans…We can liberate other countries and clear up their natural disasters. Women veterans are now America’s natural disaster,” says Final Salute founder Jaspen Boothe.

Source: Religion & Ethics Newsweekly,



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