Why Does Cecil The Lion Receive More Humanity Than Slain Black Lives?

Yeah. What she said.


Cecil The Lion vs Black Lives Matter: The Battle That Should Never Exist


“And while African lions may be endangered, isn’t it time we admit that here in the U.S., Black lives are endangered, too?” -David Ferguson

Does that make you feel better knowing a White person said it and not just another “angry” Black person? I’m going to let you know right now that I don’t care either way. For once, you’re right. I am angry. Black lives are slain everyday at the hands of police, self-proclaimed neighborhood watchmen and people who claimed they feared their lives.

Would things have been different if the Midwestern dentist, Walter Palmer would have shot a Black person rather than Cecil the lion? Would there be Jimmy Kimmel tears? Outraged Facebook statuses from more people than people of color? Would there be an influx of donated funds to protect Black lives in the “wild?”

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