About LaShawnda Jones

“Life is a journey. We either pay attention to the signposts and embrace all the experiences we fall into or we don’t. With or without our attention, life goes on and things happen.” So says, LaShawnda Jones, an author who shares the lessons she learns from “practicing what she preaches” in daily life.

LaShawnda Jones grew up in the Midwest and currently lives in New York City where her time in the Big City is an illustration of transition – constant movement and growth from one point to another. She is ecstatic about moving forward on her journey with the LORD. She continues to grow stronger in her faith, wiser in her knowledge and more loving to people as she seeks to mirror exactly the Christ in her. She writes with the intention of evaluating her life regularly to constantly improve her walk.

Currently, all of LaShawnda’s writing is an expression of her spiritual evolution. For this reason her publications are best described as part of the Christian lifestyle genre. Books by LaShawnda Jones include: My God and Me: Listening, Learning and Growing on My JourneyThe Process of Asking for, Receiving and Giving Love & Forgiveness. These are available for purchase on Barnes&Noble.com and Amazon.com.

Tale of Two Blogs

LaShawnda maintains two blogs with independent purposes. The Get Up & Walk, Ride or Fly Blog (https://getupandwalk.wordpress.com) is a virtual space to share everyday lessons and encouragement without being overwhelmingly focused on spiritual growth. Ms. Jones’s more deeply spiritual posts (those exploring everyday experiences and the lessons she gleans from them) are shared on her Spirit Harvest Blog (http://spiritharvestblog.com).

To keep up with LaShawnda’s journey, subscribe to her blog at www.spiritharvestblog.com and https://getupandwalk.wordpress.com.



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